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Where Should I Take Class?

It has been just over a year since we last discussed the best places to take dance classes in LA. Though not much time has passed, there have been a handful of changes regarding where you can take class in LA. Some studios have relocated, some studios have closed, and some new studios have opened! It honestly seems like, every couple months, a new place opens for classes, and it’s hard to keep up with them all. Below you will find the list of studios where you can take class in the LA area, as well as my brief thoughts on each location.

Movement Lifestyle – North Hollywood

Overall, it’s a great studio! There is, however, only street parking available. Depending on the time of day, it can be impossible to find parking! The good news is there are a handful of parking garages within walking distance should you not be able to find street parking. Also, depending on your personality, you may think of this as a pro or con, but Movement Lifestyle does not have a camera crew film at the end of classes. Sometimes choreographers will tape their classes themselves or bring someone in, but there is not an in-studio videographer. 

TMILLY – North Hollywood

This is where I take class the most! There is a huge room, and classes are two hours long. I feel like I get my money’s worth here. I almost always get a full warm up and a long combination. They purposely make the classes longer so that they have separate time to film at the end so that it doesn’t eat into your class time. It’s great! The sole con? Only street parking is available. Since this studio is located in a residential area, parking can be tricky.

IAF Compound – North Hollywood

This is one of the most underrated spaces for taking class. The space is huge and they have new sprung floors! This space is located across from the IMMA Space studio. The studio is a little tricky to find, though. If you type in the address into Google Maps, the route sometimes takes you to the back of the building. To be honest, there really isn’t a front of the building. There is  signage, so keep your eyes open. After you have gone to the studio once you will be fine, but the first visit is a little tricky. Once again, only street parking is available. But I have never had an issue finding parking—there is plenty of space!

IMMA Space – North Hollywood

As mentioned above, IMMA Space is located just across from IAF Compound. There is no waiting area—should you arrive early to class, you will have to wait outside. The studio is literally just a studio. Google Maps will likely route you to the front of West Coast Dance Theatre. You have to walk around to the back of the building, as that is where the studio is located. Again, there is only street parking; again, I’ve never had an issue with it.

Debbie Reynolds Legacy Studios – North Hollywood

The Debbie Reynolds Studio recently moved, and I must say, I miss the old location. The first time I went to the new studio, I was a little confused as the main sign was for a martial arts studio. After double checking that I had the correct location, I walked around to the back and saw myself in. After walking in, you have to head down a little hallway to get to the check-in area—it isn’t immediately at the entrance. The one thing I love about Debbie’s is that you have to be 18 years old to take class at this studio. Most other studios allow a variety of ages. So at Debbie’s, it’s nice to have the chance to take class with adults. There is only street parking at this location. And like Movement Lifestyle, they do not have an in-studio videographer. 

Millennium Dance Complex – Studio City

I usually just take class on Sundays at this studio when I am in town. Located on Ventura Boulevard, it is sometimes impossible to find parking. Parking is free on Sundays and the studio usually isn’t as busy (unless it is summertime, when it’s always busy). They have the tiniest parking lot, and I am always nervous that I am going to get parked in. So I opt to park on the street. In the main room, they have pipes that leak water onto the floor due to heat. Once this became a major issue, they went ahead and fixed it. Every now and then, however, it does leak.

Kreative Mndz – Burbank

I have no complaints about this space! There is a small parking lot attached to the side of building, and if that is full there is plenty of street parking available. This studio doesn’t have classes available to the public every day of the week, which is important to keep in mind if you plan on visiting this location.

Edge Performing Arts Center – Los Angeles

I have always loved this studio. They have a variety of classes from morning to night, in all different styles. There is a surplus of parking! You can get parking validated when you are done with your classes. However, if it matters to you, as with Movement Lifestyle and Debbie Reynolds, Edge Performing Arts Center does not have an in-studio videographer. 

Playground LA  – Los Angeles

When Playground LA first opened it was very small. Fortunately, they bought the building next door and expanded the studio. The space looks the same, but there is now more room to dance. There is not a lobby at this location. So parents, if you are planning on hanging around all day while your dancer takes class, you will be waiting outside. If you go to Playground LA in the wintertime, be sure to grab a sweatshirt to wear while you are standing in line to get inside. If you’re wondering about parking… you guessed it! Street parking only.  

Additional Studios

There are a few more studios that choreographers will use for pop-up classes. Some of these locations are also used for auditions. These include:

  1. West Coast Dance Theater (front side of IMMA SPACE) – North Hollywood
  2. Evolution Studios – North Hollywood
  3. 101 Dance Center – Universal City
  4. EXPG Studio LA – Los Angeles
  5. Mihran K Studios – Burbank
  6. Live House Hollywood – Los Angeles
  7. Downtown Dance & Movement – Los Angeles
  8. The Eleven Studios – Glendale
  9. The Brea Space – Brea

Outside Of The LA Area

There are a couple of studios outside of the LA area that offer drop-in classes, including:

  1. Snowglobe Perspective – Whittier, CA
  2. Millennium Dance Complex Orange County – Anaheim, CA

Please keep in mind that my preferences may differ from yours. So don’t let anything I’ve said above deter you from trying out any of these studios. In fact, I encourage you to try them all! Trying out new studios is a great way to meet new teachers, train in new styles, and meet more people in the community. 

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