1. DETERMINATION- Building a career takes time. Don’t give up!
  2. BELIEVE- Have faith in your child’s talent!
  3. FINANCES- The dance industry is expensive. Be financially prepared!
  4. SOCIAL MEDIA- Learn how to build your online presence. Social Media is key!
  5. SUPPORT- Be your child’s biggest cheerleader. You are their rock!
  6. TRUST- Surround yourself with good people that have the best intentions for your child.
  7. VERSATILE- Encourage your child to learn a variety of skills. Singing, dancing and acting make you a triple threat!

BONUS TIP #1 : Cultivate your child’s look. How can they stand out? What do they look best in?

BONUS TIP #2 : Treat each audition as unique. What is the audition for? What skills you you need to land the part?


Fun Week Itinerary

6 Day/5 Nights hotel accomodation at the Hilton Anaheim. Experience the lap of luxury in the heart of Anaheim. Located 2 blocks from the Disneyland Resort, the Hilton Anaheim—the largest hotel in Orange County—offers something for everyone, including an abundance of culinary options, 2 swimming pools, a 25,000-square-foot health club, plus upscale accommodations and amenities to make your stay memorable.

  • Check In & Dinner Reception
  • City Highlights Tour, Luncheon & Santa Monica Pier
  • Master Classes, Group Luncheon & Live Show
  • Disney Dance Workshop & Disneyland
  • DanceOn Day Master Class & Video Shoot + Farewell Dinner Cruise