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Holiday Gift Guide For Dancers

Tis’ the season! The holidays are upon us. And though this time of year should be a one of joy and relaxation, it can often be rather stressful. I’m here to relieve a little bit of that stress by helping friends and relatives with some gift ideas for their dancers.

Wireless Headphones

I literally asked my parents for these for Christmas. Dancers love music. If they don’t, then they are in the wrong industry. Wireless headphones are great for running choreography before a class or competition without having to worry about the headphones disconnecting from the music-playing device.

Online Tutorial Membership

If you want LA training but live in the middle of nowhere with limited funds, then this one is for you! Gift a membership with a dance tutorial company. Tutorials are available in a variety of levels and styles, so there is something for everyone. Check out Steezy and TMilly TV. 

Portable Speaker

I invested in one of these last year, and it was worth every penny. It’s perfect to bring to competition to run your numbers before you hit the stage. Because competitions can get super loud, oftentimes laptops and phones just can’t cut it where volume is concerned. Portable speakers are the new boom box, and their usefulness to dancers cannot be overstated. 


Dancers’ feet are extra important. I always have a separate pair of sneakers that I only use for dancing—that way they don’t wear out as fast. Especially for hip hop and jazz funk, dancers will want a pair of shoes that have a flat surface at the bottom. The flat surface makes it easier to glide and turn. Avoid styles with grooves and indents.

Athletic Apparel

Let’s be honest, dancers live in athletic apparel, especially yoga pants. Whether we wear them to dance class, to school, or just to lounge around, dancers can never have enough athleticwear. 

Tickets For A Performance

Attending performances is a great way to become a more informed dancer. Giving tickets to a show for a musical or a dance company makes for a wonderful present idea. You’ll be gifting your dancer an experience that he/she will never forget. 

Registration For A Convention or Intensive

Material goods are always nice and appreciated, but experiences are often better. And if not better, then gifted experiences at least offer unique benefits for the recipient Attending a convention or an intensive can help improve your dancer’s skills and technique. But it’s also like a mini dancer vacation—though your dancer is still dancing, he/she is getting away from the studio. To make this an extra special holiday present, see if the convention or intensive you plan on gifting sells merchandise and pair the gift certificate with a sweatshirt or T-shirt!

Dance Fund

Does your dancer want to do a summer intensive or fly out of the state to experience a dance hub? Put money into a dance fund for him/her! This way, other family members can contribute during the holiday season, as well as during other gift-giving occasions. The money can go toward the intensive or accommodations. 


Headshots make a great present! For one thing, they are required in this industry. And for another, headshots are a nice motivational gift. Having a good headshot can help with a dancer’s confidence when attending castings and auditions. Headshots are a serious investment of both time and money. (Some photographers have waiting lists!) They’re so crucial and costly that, personally, I would be thrilled if someone gifted me a headshot session.  


This holiday season, be the Oprah of dancewear-giving for the performers in your life. You get a leotard! You get a leotard! EVERYONE GETS A LEOTARD! Dancers can never have enough dance clothes. Leotards, booty shorts, crop tops, bra tops, or even fun dance-related clothes to wear to school! You can’t go wrong.

I hope the above list helps relieve some of the stress of gift-giving this holiday season. From myself and the rest of the Hollywood Dance Experience team, thank you for being here and supporting us. You mean so much, and I hope you have a blessed and happy holiday season!

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Originally from Essexville, Michigan, Annie Libera has been dancing since the age of five. She attended Columbia College Chicago where she received her Bachelors of Arts in Dance and minor in Arts Management. She had her first professional job at 19, where she danced as a Ballerina for Hannibal Buress during his Comedy Camisado tour stops in Chicago. She has also performed at the Taste of Chicago, Corona Chi-Town Rising New Years Eve Party, was a company member of the Midwest Dance Collective, and was a guest dancer with the professional modern dance company “The Seldoms.” Since moving to Los Angeles in 2017, she has performed in multiple shows as well as teaching at a competitive dance studio. Annie has also made acting appearances on Empire, Chicago Justice, Chicago Fire, Easy, Best Cover Ever, and a Hefty Cups commercial.
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