[ October 22, 2019 ]
Top 9 Things To Do If You Aren’t The Best Dancer At Your Studio

As performers, it is natural for us to want attention and praise—even the humblest of dancers. It is reassuring and gratifying to know that your efforts are recognized and that your hard work is paying off.   But what happens when you might not be getting all the praise and...

[ October 5, 2019 ]
Five Things I Wish My Mom Made Me Do When I Still Lived At Home

It has been six years since I last lived at home. In that time, I have lived in two major cities, have earned my college degree, and have entered the workforce. All the while, I’ve tried to stay as involved in the dance industry as possible. I believe my efforts and professional...

[ May 3, 2019 ]
College for Dancers

What is the deal with college for dancers? In case you didn’t know, attending a university and majoring in dance is, in fact, an option.  There are a million different questions in relation to college for dancers. Here we will be discussing the few things I wish I had more...

[ April 16, 2019 ]
How To Get In Front Of Working Choreographers

Allow me to start by stating the obvious: in order to get in front of working choreographers, you must first know who the working choreographers are. Let me say it one more time for the people in the back, do your research! Some of the most “popular” teachers in LA, who have the most...

[ April 8, 2019 ]
Successful Dance Careers for Non-LA Residents

For those of you seriously considering pursuing a career in commercial dance, you likely have found that most jobs and training opportunities lie in and around Los Angeles. However, not every dancer desires to relocate to LA. So how does a non-LA resident go about making a successful...

[ April 2, 2019 ]
Programs for Dancers in LA

The endless options of available classes can be overwhelming when you first move to LA. Some of you may love having the freedom to take the classes you want, when you want, and where you want. Others of you might prefer more structure and guidance in your training. To help narrow down...

[ March 25, 2019 ]
Preparing Your Daughter for the Move to LA

Yay! You have decided to move to LA! Your to-do list has now grown exponentially, and you may not know where to start. To help you get organized and to make the transition easier, here are a few things to check off your list before moving.   1. Professional Materials This...

[ March 18, 2019 ]
Jobs in the Dance Industry

It’s hard to earn a steady income as a dancer, especially if you are just starting to work in the commercial industry. Sure, you could book two or three jobs a year as a dancer. But more likely than not, these few jobs will produce an additional income, rather than a livable wage. You...