[ December 11, 2019 by Annie Libera ]

Holiday Gift Guide For Dancers

Tis’ the season! The holidays are upon us. And though this time of year should be a one of joy and relaxation, it can often be rather stressful. I’m here to relieve a little bit of that stress by helping friends and relatives with some gift ideas for their dancers. Wireless...

[ January 9, 2020 by Annie Libera ]

Where Should I Take Class?

It has been just over a year since we last discussed the best places to take dance classes in LA. Though not much time has passed, there have been a handful of changes regarding where you can take class in LA. Some studios have relocated, some studios have closed, and some new studios...

[ January 24, 2020 by Annie Libera ]

How To Save Money At The Studio

As I’m sure we all know, dance is ridiculously expensive. Not only do we pay for monthly classes, but we also have to account for costume fees, dance attire, competition fees, summer intensive fees, studio apparel, and so much more. If money is tight—or if you are just looking to cut...

[ April 14, 2020 by Annie Libera ]

Online Tutorials

As you all know, due to the coronavirus outbreak, businesses are shutting down left and right. And dance studios are no exception. Luckily, regardless of your location or skill level, there are still resources at every dancer’s disposal to continue his/her training. Yes, I’m talking...