[ December 2, 2018 by Annie Libera ]

Ultimate Dancer’s Guide to Los Angeles

Welcome to LA! Home to the commercial dance industry!  First of all, give yourself a pat on the back for being here and trying to prepare you and your family for this whirlwind of an industry.  It’s not a light decision to make the move out here and follow your dreams with full force,...

[ December 7, 2018 by Annie Libera ]

How to Write a Dance Resume

Welcome! For this blog we will be going over how to create your dance resume! Every dancer NEEDS to have a dance resume.  At auditions, a dancer will turn in a headshot and resume (stapled back to back) to the casting directors.  Once your resume is created, I suggest saving it...

[ December 18, 2018 by Annie Libera ]

Dance Headshots

In this blog we will be discussing everything you need to know about headshots.

[ December 23, 2018 by Annie Libera ]

Dance Reels and Video Submissions

Back in the day (i.e., 7+ years ago), dancer materials consisted of a headshot, resume, and reel. Now, reels are being replaced by more generic video footage, and dancers are expected to have a solid social media presence to supplement their headshots and resumes.  Despite this...

[ December 30, 2018 by Annie Libera ]

Social Media for Dancers

The explosion of social media in recent years has had a remarkable impact on the professional world. The dance industry is no exception. Casting directors and choreographers will look at your social media. It is a great resource for them—not only for assessing your talent, but...

[ January 5, 2019 by Annie Libera ]

Casting Websites: A Key Resource for Finding Auditions

Finding auditions for legitimate, paying jobs can be difficult if you are not signed to an agency. Difficult, but not impossible. And because opportunities to audition are limited before you are signed, you have to jump at those chances when they arise. This brings us to that...

[ January 11, 2019 by Annie Libera ]

Signing with an Agency

You have to have an agent in LA—especially to audition those for big, high-paying jobs. That’s the price we pay for working in a highly competitive field. There are a few different ways to get signed to an agency. Consider the following tried-and-true methods: Open Calls...

[ January 19, 2019 by Annie Libera ]

The Cost of Working with Agencies

As we discussed last week, it’s often easier to land auditions for paid work when you are signed with an agency. But then you might be thinking, “Paid work sounds great. But what is the cost to me?” Well before we dive into the thick of it, let’s get one thing straight. While...

[ January 27, 2019 by Annie Libera ]

Makeup for Dancers

Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have. This includes makeup! Learning how to create the perfect smoky eye is great and all. But learning how to maintain a clean makeup look while sweating for hours is far more valuable. There are a million videos on YouTube that can...

[ February 1, 2019 by Annie Libera ]

Performance Opportunities in LA

While it may take a few years to book your first big job working with an artist, there are plenty of other performance opportunities to pursue in Los Angeles. Taking advantage of these opportunities offers many benefits, including maintaining your performance skills, meeting people in...

[ February 10, 2019 by Annie Libera ]

What To Wear and What To Bring to Auditions

A decade ago it wouldn’t matter what you would wear to an audition because casting directors were only looking at your dancing.  But it isn’t like that anymore. There are so many more dancers today; you have to dress from head to toe so casting directors could potentially see...

[ February 14, 2019 by Annie Libera ]

Dancing in Heels

Dancing, alone, is a skill. Dancing in heels is a whole different ballgame. It takes a great deal of practice to master dancing in heels. In fact, the one thing I wish I would have done to better prepare myself for working in commercial dance is trained more for dancing in heels....