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Where The World’s Best Master Teachers, Agents, And Social Media Masterminds Come Together to Help You & Share Their Passion for Dance!

Gain Access to the world’s leading experts on wellness, auditions, and social media, all in one room, just for you & your dancer.

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Fourth Day
9.00 am - 6:00 pm
6 Amazing Master Dance Classes in Contemporary, Jazz, Musical Theater, Hip Hop, Wellness & Audition Workshop
Our master teachers and choreographers focus on offering dancers exclusive training while giving professional insight into the Hollywood industry. Carefully chosen, these highly trained professionals are equipped to work with dancers of all ages and various dance experience.
9:00 am 6:00pm
Parent Workshops with Master Teachers & Special Guests Industry Experts
Where The World’s Best Master Teachers, Agents, And Strategist Reveal Everything They Know About Having A Successful Career in Dance – 10+ High-Level Motivating Teachers & Speakers!

Get Access to the world’s leading experts on wellness, auditions, and social media, all in one room, just for you & your dancer.

Disney Performing Arts Workshop
Led by professional Disney show directors and choreographers, this 90-minute, the high-energy workshop gives dancers the opportunity to shine as they learn choreography adapted from a Disney production number exclusively for Disney Performing Arts! Each ensemble receives a valuable critique and learns the importance of the individual's contribution to the overall success of the group.
Disneyland Theme Park
Discover the Magic of Disneyland!
Dance Video Shoot with Surprise Guest Master Teacher
Our surprise dance influencer will work with HDE dancers to instill skills for career success and coach dancers in-camera techniques. The workshop rounds out with the dancers starring in an exclusive video, walking away from the workshop with cutting edge choreography, translatable skills, and shareable video content.
Farewell Dinner and Dance Party
Sunset the most magical dance week with a private Farewell Dinner and Dance Party with your new dance family.
Departure Day - Free for sightseeing
Departure day is free for independent sight-seeing. Hotel: Check-out by 12 noon
Commercial Acting Workshop (Optional Add On Experience) $250

In this two-hour workshop, your Dancer will learn the proper technique and protocol for working in this sometimes overwhelming and crazy industry. Get the tools your Dancer needs to stay ahead. Get the information you need to stay relaxed. Classes will include improvisational work, movement, pace, timing, and auditioning techniques. All work will be done in a relaxed, fun environment.

This Workshop will be one that students remember for a long time! They will be taken through the paces and discipline of what it takes to perform in front of an audience!


BEYOND THE STEPS with Flipz (Optional Add On Experience) $250
This Course “BEYOND THE STEPS” with award-winning Choreographer & Casting Producer Ivan “Flipz” Velez, emphasizes and exercises the teaching strategies, tips & tricks that help individuals seeking to master the craft of auditioning and booking auditions. Including preparation, discipline, etiquette, and most importantly confidence for auditions. Learning the ABC’s of auditioning to help land and book auditions is as easy as 123!
Photo Headshots by Magda Gamreklidze - Los Angeles Dance Photographer (Optional Add On Experience) - $250
Magda Gamreklidze Professional Dance Photographer based in Los Angeles. He specializes in photography within the dance community. Headshots for Dancers, Creative Dance Shoots in a studio or on location, live performance, and events.
[Industry Experts, Agents & Master Teachers]
Originally from Michigan, Annie Libera has been dancing since the age of five.  She attended Columbia College Chicago where she received her Bachelors

Autumn Miller

[Celebrity Master Teacher]
Autumn began dancing at age 5 and hasn’t stopped! Now 19, and residing in Southern California, Autumn loves to spend time with her friends and family. She trains 30 hours
Caley Carr

Caley Carr

[Master Teacher]
Caley Carr is a tap choreographer that hails from Southern California. Caley made his television debut on Fox’s hit tv show “So You Think You Can Dance” where he is still recognized as the tap

Dom Kellley

[Master Teacher]
Dominique Kelley, originally from Bridgeport, CT, has taken the choreography world by storm as an avid tap dancer and percussionist, who fuses rhythm patterns with classical movement to create a

Eric Ray Ortega

[Master Teacher]
Eric Ray Ortega is an LA-born and raised performer. His love for dance and the arts started at the age of 8 performing in school musicals and shows throughout his schooling. What fueled his passion

Eswinn Diaz

[Master Teacher]
Eswinn Diaz is a Los Angeles Born and raised individual that had a passion for the arts at a very young age. He started taking dance classes in middle and High school where he realized he wanted to

Gabe De Guzman

[Master Teacher]
Gabe De Guzman is a 19-year-old, energetic, and passionate dance educator who has worked in the industry since he was 9. At a very young age, major choreographers in the competition and commercial

Ivan “Flipz” Velez

[Master Teacher & Guest Speaker]
Ivan “FLIPZ” Velez is considered an iconic creator, choreographer, and artist in BREAKING, FLIPS & TRICKS — the dance trio which has helped turn dance into one of the most lucrative, limitless

Kristin Farina

[Master Teacher & Guest Speaker]
I’ve always believed that if you want something in life, YOU have to be the one to make it happen. And that mindset is the reason that I am who I am

Magdalena Fialek

[Master Teacher]
MAGDALENA FIALEK is a professional ballroom dancer from Toronto, Canada. She is a 2x USA Dance National Latin Champion and has ranked internationally in multiple championships including the largest

Malia Baker

[Master Teacher]
Malia Baker has always known her life would be full of dance. At age four she started taking classes and her dream to be a professional dancer began from there. Well versed in all styles
Nancy O'Meara

Nancy O’Meara

[Master Teacher & Guest Speaker]
Nancy O’Meara is an American dancer, choreographer and occasional actress. O’Meara was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts with a strong technical background, trained in all forms of

Shawn Hebbeler

[Guest Speaker]
With over 14 years of Industry experience, he’s served as a Senior Booking Agent, Casting Director, Talent Development Director, Floor Director (MSNBC), and, most importantly, as an Actor,

Sophia Lucia

[Master Teacher]
Sophia Lucia, Dance Prodigy, Guinness World Record Holder, YouTube Sensation, Entrepreneur, and Educator, loves to dance and strives each day to be the best she can be by pushing her and her

Tyce Diorio

[Master Teacher & Guest Speaker]
Tyce Diorio‘s credits include Taylor Swifts RED and 1989 World Tours (including her music video Shake It Off), working with The Weeknd on his Can’t Feel My Face music video, and winning

Zach Saunders

[Master Teacher]
Originally from Columbus, OH and currently residing in Los Angeles, CA, Zach has created a name for himself as both a dancer and performer as well as a sought after teacher and choreographer. His
Dance Video Shoot
Behind the Scenes of Dance Video with Sean Lew

We’re crazy about this choreography – it was amazing to experience Sean Lew’s teaching and artistry up close!

4 Day Hollywood Dance Experience

July 25-28, 2022

  • Parent & Dancer Access
  • 10+ Master Classes
  • Parent Workshop
  • Dance For Camera Workshop
  • Disney Workshop
  • Theme Park Pass
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The Most Anticipated Event for Dancers & Parents is Finally Here! 4 Days of Non-Stop Dancing, Fun & Creating lifelong memories and friendships.
🎟 This Package includes 1 Dancer Ticket & 1 Parent Ticket

*This program does not include hotels or transportation. Cannot be combined with any other offer. If you have any questions please call our office at (562) 294-6239.

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